Astrid Davidson's Art
Painting what I love and what is fun!

Astrid Davidson

As a child the closest I got to art was a colouring book.  As part of a large family and at a time when education considered art a frill subject it just wasn’t in my life. Life experiences drew out my artistic spirit. For instance, while in my twenties and early thirties I traveled extensively in Europe, Canada and the United States.  It was the trip to the Louvre in Paris and the visits to art galleries in the Netherlands, which wowed me.  Once home and settled I enrolled in an art class at Langara College in Vancouver, BC.  I absolutely loved it, especially oil painting. 


Like so many others, I put painting aside to raise a family, work and maintain a home. My son recently told me that he always wondered about the easel, painting box and half finished painting in the corner of my bedroom.


Once retired, I knew painting was at the top of my list.  Hungry for knowledge, I have taken many workshops and yearlong classes with various teachers.   I have learned different styles and worked with all mediums.  I am always in a rush to do better.


Currently, painting for me is all about style.  On one hand I love the challenge and relaxation of realism but sometimes a feeling can only be expressed in abstract.  Above all I love experimenting, playing with colour and capturing feelings of places, items or atmospheres that I love.  I paint with several groups, which inspire and support new ideas. My painting friends are the best – encouraging, supportive, interesting and loads of fun.