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(posted on 8 Jan 2017)

I am quite proud of myself. I am drawing everyday and as well I am doing the Comox valley 1 month daily drawing challenge. Not enjoying this as much as last year. Using your imagination is kind of easy.

Also, I've started a colour course which I really enjoy.

(posted on 3 Jan 2017)

I've realized that one of my big problems with art is that I draw poorly and as a consequence I paint slowly so I'm doing an online painting course. So far I think it is helping.

I love this time of year. I'm able to get things done that I never have time to do normally.

(posted on 23 Dec 2016)

It seems that if I make a resolution in

January I will disregard it. So I'm beginning near the end of Dec 17. I want to keep this up. At least once a week.

I have been very bad about keeping up my webpage and my blog. Frankly I'd rather be painting.

(posted on 11 Jul 2015)

Today I go to the Music Fest and paint. Thank goodness the sun is not beating down. I am not looking forward to this. I will have to cart a lot of stuff to the place. Some of it is there, delivered yesterday but I was fearful of leaving brushes and paint tubes there. I must be there for five hours. David will have to drive me and pick me up. I feel very vulnerable.

(posted on 26 Jun 2015)

This is our last day until September. We're having a pot luck. I think it is my day to invite people to my pot luck-barbecue next month. Also, the reason I haven't written for a while is because I have been in some kind of shock.

will tell you about it later.

(posted on 4 May 2015)

I did miss a couple of days there. Went down to Parksville to meet friend, Carla. We toured show at Nanoose. Had lunch. Wonderful day. So good to see her again and she is doing wonderful art. We couldn't stop talking about our art. I did my 37 minutes yesterday and it wasn't too bad. All of them so far would need tweaking first to show anyone. But already I can feel an impact. I have started on what I would call an abstract of some sort. My subject for this month. These have been twirling around in my head for some weeks and I find myself painting them in my sleep.

(posted on 28 Apr 2015)

Ola came today and took pictures of some completed art. I made an appointment for next month. That will keep me hopping. I completed my 2nd 37 min. picture. What a mess. Gave it 7 out of 10. Maybe that was too good.

But I am learning. This is all in aid of making me a faster painter. Also one who leaves out some of the detail I'm inclined to do. I've learned 2 things so far. One is that it is not time saving to use old paint that takes time to squeeze out of the tube. Also, I really do need to do more planning. I also dumped all my brushes under my easel. Ola said did you set your time back? Well I tried not to but in he end I did start over again. Second day and I'm already cheating.....

(posted on 25 Apr 2015)

I spent the afternoon at the Pearl Ellis attending Janet's art show with the MONDAY Group. Her work was very good. I met fellow painter Martha Ponting, had a chat with friend Serena and happily came home to learn that I have sold another painting - my Autumn Leaves. This is very exciting.

(posted on 24 Apr 2015)

This is something to talk about. I always felt that women who wore a hijab were to be pitied because they were made to wear them. It sort of went against my feminist sensibilities. A study by a university in the east said that 98% of women in Canada who wear a hijab do so because they like to wear them. I didn't know that until recently. The woman on your left is someone I saw at the Toronto Airport a few years ago. She was in heels, a hijab, and a smart suit. She was with her husband and 4 children. She seemed very much a woman in charge. She stood out. She is also a woman I saw being interviewed on TV who liked to wear a hijab and especially liked to coordinate her head piece with other items of she was wearing.

The woman on the right is someone that I grew up with since I lived in a town where there was a convent and a Roman Catholic Cathedral. There were separatist schools then and one often saw nuns coming and going from those schools.

I don't ever remember discussion about their head gear....

This painting needs to have a proper picture taken of it.

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