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(posted on 28 Apr 2015)

Ola came today and took pictures of some completed art. I made an appointment for next month. That will keep me hopping. I completed my 2nd 37 min. picture. What a mess. Gave it 7 out of 10. Maybe that was too good.

But I am learning. This is all in aid of making me a faster painter. Also one who leaves out some of the detail I'm inclined to do. I've learned 2 things so far. One is that it is not time saving to use old paint that takes time to squeeze out of the tube. Also, I really do need to do more planning. I also dumped all my brushes under my easel. Ola said did you set your time back? Well I tried not to but in he end I did start over again. Second day and I'm already cheating.....