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(posted on 24 Apr 2015)

This is something to talk about. I always felt that women who wore a hijab were to be pitied because they were made to wear them. It sort of went against my feminist sensibilities. A study by a university in the east said that 98% of women in Canada who wear a hijab do so because they like to wear them. I didn't know that until recently. The woman on your left is someone I saw at the Toronto Airport a few years ago. She was in heels, a hijab, and a smart suit. She was with her husband and 4 children. She seemed very much a woman in charge. She stood out. She is also a woman I saw being interviewed on TV who liked to wear a hijab and especially liked to coordinate her head piece with other items of she was wearing.

The woman on the right is someone that I grew up with since I lived in a town where there was a convent and a Roman Catholic Cathedral. There were separatist schools then and one often saw nuns coming and going from those schools.

I don't ever remember discussion about their head gear....

This painting needs to have a proper picture taken of it.