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(posted on 22 Apr 2015)

I finally got my facebook page running. Trouble is, I wonder if anyone can find it. I find it difficult except through my web page! Now I really have to get down to business.

(posted on 20 Apr 2015)

First of all I sold another painting, my 3 Pears. Next, South Hollow Gallery asked to put not one but three pieces of my art in their Gallery. How great is that? Next I entered an on-line show to have 2 of my paintings on line on Island Blue's on line gallery where I buy supplies when I visit Victoria. They are showing my two paintings entered. Then I was featured (not just myself) in the Newsletter that goes with this site, Artsites, I am still working on my Facebook page. Not a lot of success there but I will keep trying.

(posted on 7 Apr 2015)

Thanks to Bob at the Pearl Ellis Gallery. He had taken pictures of all paintings at the Pearl Ellis Members Show. I entered that show and my one painting was sold. I hadn't taken a picture of it. Lesson for all of us painters here.

He sent it to me last night so you will see it under flowers.

(posted on 3 Apr 2015)

Sending pictures of your art is not easy. I've had photos embedded, and too large. It is not as if I can just ask anyone. I must study this in various places found on the internet. Some of it is incorrect and I can waste an hour trying to do something only to find it just doesn't work. I want to tear out my hair. So I keep on looking and when one finds something that works Wow! What a feeling. That was this morning.

Yesterday was great. I ran downtown to buy something at the Comox Valley Art Gallery shop. Someone there had checked out my web site and asked to buy a another child leaving home. Was I pleased or what?! Yes it is exciting. Must get busy and paint......

(posted on 29 Mar 2015)

Well, this is funny. I thought I could only write a sentence. I wondered why it was such a little bit . Helps to keep reading about this. I will be posting more photos tonight. Busy doing income tax stuff.

(posted on 13 Mar 2015)

This is my first go at creating a blog.


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