Astrid Davidson's Art
Painting what I love and what is fun!

Memories of the installation (WWOS)

12 X 12


The first inside line are pairs of vamps (moccasins) of the missing and murdered aboriginal women. At the installation there were 1800 pairs. I painted these from memory , they are not copied. Next are our walking footsteps going counterclockwise. Then there are the smudge pots of sage, the cedar branches, that were used to refresh us and cleanse as we worked. I'm not really sure why but it worked. And, those wonderful, welcoming and forgiving hands. Around the heart are tiny vamps representing the residential children who died or who also went missing. The heart stands for the love I felt while working on the installation. The colours black and red are prominent colours of the k'omoks First Nation where the installation was this summer.(2015) We had the honour of being able to sew tiny little buttons on a blanket which went with installation to its next stop. So those little round white things are buttons. Last of all, the spirit angel gives grace to the painting with her presence.


This painting is precious to me.